Friday, January 8, 2010

Fuck Yeah New Year's Mix 2010

What a party everyone! Much thanks to all the partyheads that were able to make it, in spite of the shitty weather. Worth it, right? Yes. I am right.

Of course, a large part of what made the party so fun was the five of us, and our impeccable sense of fun. We are professionals. But also, besides us, among other things, it was the music. Holy shit, such music! We played that mix the next night as we cleaned our house, and all of a sudden we're having another party.

We'd like to share the music from that night with you, as a sign of good faith. Put down the musket, put down the bow and arrow, lets give thanks.

Happy New Year!
(If the link is down let us know and we'll repost.)

love, SL

Song sequencing by Anthony Miale
Artwork by Tim Bierbaum

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