Monday, January 25, 2010

Amazon Kindle: Let me tell you what I think

- Holds a shit ton of books in a little lightweight device, obviously. Very convenient for massive novels; you can finally read Against The Day in public!
- Looks cool. Like it's a component of a storm trooper's armor or something. That's cool, right?
- E Ink display uses a tiny amount of battery- I can't find the hours of reading one charge will give, but I used it for maybe 20 hours while traveling this past weekend at the battery meter was at about half (wireless was turned off unless I was using it).
- Kindle iPhone app will synch to your Kindle so you can resume reading right where you left off. So, like, you can read your phone on the way to the bar and not have to carry a book around all night.
- The dictionary function is handy when you read as much pretentious bullshit as I do.
- The default font (Caecilia by Linotype) is clear and easy to read. (not on previous versions I guess.) This kind of blocky serif font is popular right now. It feels so good on my eyes.
- The bottom of the screen displays a percentage of the book you've completed. So you're always reading a little more to move that percentage along. It's like running with the Nike+ thing in your shoe.
- Lots of classics are available for free on Project Gutenberg & other sites.

- It's way more fragile than a book. You can come home, toss your book on the hat rack and faint on your chaise lounge, but you can't toss your kindle anywhere. Don't put it under the corner of a table either.
- The interface is not fluid to use: you wait a second for the screen to flash when you turn the page. The web browser is slow. The D-pad is cumbersome like cumberland farms. There's no touchscreen. It's clearly not the best it can be at this point and a better version will come out soon, probably this year. It reminds me of using the original GameBoy compared to the one that's out now. Wait to see what the apple tablet is like, because it will force amazon to make some big improvements.
- Your impressive and aesthetically pleasing book collection will stop growing.
- No backlight. Why not?
- Besides public domain things, you need to pay full price for every book ($9.99 for about every fiction novel), newspaper ($13.99/mo. for NYT) and blog subscription ($2/mo for Boing Boing). Unless you look into illegal downloads. Which I should do.
- Some books aren't available on the Kindle store- I went to buy American Psycho and the only Bret Eaton Ellis book on there was Lunar Park. And I guess you can't read that one until you've read the others because it makes reference to them. So, you know... get-a-steppin'.
- The notation/ highlight feature is cool and you can find a lot of academic publications for cheap/ free but it doesn't compare to handwriting notes or highlighting. You're not going to retain it the same way because you're not doing it physically and you're probably really stupid. Good luck with that degree in Film.
- You feel like a money-wasting asshole reading one in public. If you're reading one I know you have money and I'm probably going to mug you on the subway exit stairs when no one is around I'll push you down on your face and hold a knife to your back speaking in a deep voice give me that fucking ebook don't you look at me. Now what?
- If you accidentally hit that D-pad to the right or left it will jump to the nearest chapter break. And the "previous page" function takes you to the page before the one you're on, not the last page you were on. So it's hard to get back to where you were. Like Tom Hanks in Cast Away pretty much.

So don't buy one. Your iPhone is probably a better ebook reader in most regards.
But if you do own one they're kind of fun.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Coachella looks the best this year!

Have you guys heard of Coachella? It's this concert a bunch of indians throw where you go out in the desert and they burn a big man made of sticks. Check out the lineup, I'm seriously considering it! Whose with me? No one? Like always? ok

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Monday, January 18, 2010


Nice peeps at Black20 put me in their sketch.

Comedy Website Black20 created a series called Famous
This is one of the episodes.

Black20 are a cool group of professionals that make comedy videos. They also know how to get down.
Recently Serious Lunch has performed with a few members of their popular comedy website who appear in this video including Mike O'Gorman, Jessie Cantrell,and Patrick Driscoll from THE DAN RYAN.
And Michael Torpey from Michael Torpey.

Here are a few photos from our holiday show with The Dan Ryan and Michael Torpey. Add them to your scrapbook.

The Dan Ryan

Serious Lunch with Jimmy Donn

Walker and Cantrell as Icelandic twins

Patrick Driscoll and Mike O'Goreman

Friday, January 15, 2010

Microsoft Bing

Eh, old news no big whoop. Here it is anyway.

Bing: The cure for search overload syndrome

A Difference of Opinion

This is the status of the trains within the New York City Subway system, according to

This is the status of the trains within the New York City Subway system according to me:

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Potential Desktop Wallpaper Vol. 9

Link here

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cookbook Authors

Phillip Broth
Upton Éclair
Braised Eggers
Jonathan Saffron Fryer
Augusten Churros
Ziti Smith
David Frosted Waffles
Chaim Potluck
Aynion Rangs
Mario Orzo
Bret Eatin' Ellis
W.E.B. Bok Choy
Franz Latke
e. e. stuffings

Impatient Man

(Me) John Milhiser
Andrea Rosen
Noah Starr
Marcy Jarreau
Angie Martin
Marielena Logsdon
Lucille Thomas

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tony Chalk

This skate video by SALAZAR is rad.

It seems like recently people are coming up with some new and exciting visual approaches to the skate video genre. Maybe it's inspired by that exploding ramp video Spike Jonze did. Awesome cinematography here, it looks like Ryan McGinley photographed it. Just a treat to watch.
(All these dudes probably had pink boogers the next day.)

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Some of My Friends Are in Bands Part Two

A couple of months ago Billy and Adam asked me if I was interested in doing a music video for their first single from their debut album as the rap duo Snakes. Here is the result.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Some of My Friends Are in Bands Part One

These are my friends Men and Whales live at Trash Bar last November.

Check them out live at Arlene's Grocery Friday January 15 at 9PM. Videos shot by Bob Officer and Tim Bierbaum, and edited by Bob Officer. See below for more info on the band.

GOOD TO GO from Bob Officer on Vimeo.

EASY TO SEE from Bob Officer on Vimeo.

SO MANY THINGS from Bob Officer on Vimeo.

Men and Whales is:

Tom Murphy: Rhythm Guitar and Vocals
Brent Lazo: Lead Guitar
Clint Paul: Bass
Garrett Finley: Drums

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Proposal

Friday, January 8, 2010

Fuck Yeah New Year's Mix 2010

What a party everyone! Much thanks to all the partyheads that were able to make it, in spite of the shitty weather. Worth it, right? Yes. I am right.

Of course, a large part of what made the party so fun was the five of us, and our impeccable sense of fun. We are professionals. But also, besides us, among other things, it was the music. Holy shit, such music! We played that mix the next night as we cleaned our house, and all of a sudden we're having another party.

We'd like to share the music from that night with you, as a sign of good faith. Put down the musket, put down the bow and arrow, lets give thanks.

Happy New Year!
(If the link is down let us know and we'll repost.)

love, SL

Song sequencing by Anthony Miale
Artwork by Tim Bierbaum

Thursday, January 7, 2010

HIlarious Pics Pt. 11


Monday, January 4, 2010

Porn Audio Re-recording

Mime Ass

Old video made 3 years ago.
John Milhiser and Billy Keenly from Serious Lunch.
Aubrey Plaza
Seth Kirschner
Violet Kumbein
Justin Gamble

I still think it's funny.

I'm in Da' Commercial - Citibank Awesome Rose Bowl

Citibank- Awesome Rose Bowl Commercial