Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hey! You Guys Remember YouTube Star Ian Crossland?

The subject of our first ever proper blog posting? He's still the worst! But he's now like, even more worst than ever before because these days he's not just brooding and pensive and looking right at you. Nah son - now he's brooding and pensive and looking right at you and SINGING.

My only gripe is that he doesn't gaze into the camera with his chin down and his eyes up more often. (JK you guys he does it every twelve fucking seconds).

Ian Crossland, later on tonight when you are googling your name and beating off into a mirror, please find this and read it.

And I know - someone that makes internet content himself shouldn't be throwing cyberstones through the iGlass iWindows of your Meta-house. But fuck it. You are the worst. You are even more the worst than we are.

Worst, Ian Crossland. Stop it.

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