Friday, May 22, 2009

Can Videogames "Do" Subtletly?

(via offworld)

As someone who cried like a little baby bitch when Aeris died in FFVII, I've never had a hard time accepting videogames as a medium capable of delivering a visceral emotional wallop. But this article from Offworld uses Jason Rohrer's oft blogged about game Passage to consider the argument that videogames can paint emotion with a much finer brush, given the opportunity.

"It's a familiar debate: games can deliver big, bold visceral emotions - fright, frustration, triumph - but are subtler sensations - regret, embarrassment, alienation - beyond their remit? As ever, what puts the kibosh on this whole discussion is that games don't contain emotions at all. The emotions are supplied by each individual player, and since each individual player will respond to a game in a unique way, there's no empirical answer to be had"

Evocative stuff.

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