Wednesday, March 18, 2009


You ever have a dream and try to describe it to someone else, only to realize there is no way to make it sound like you haven't lost your mind?

Last night I dreamt I was this guy, and that I was appointed to the presidency of the United States. This happened during some kind of nuclear holocaust/general apocalypse scenario which might've looked something like this. (Also found this article which is way more creepy and disturbing despite being of questionable sources.)

I lead the survivors into the catacombs underneath (presumably) New York City, where we wait out the dissolution of modern society. Eveything seems to be going well until I realize:

A) We are trapped underground in the darkness with a dwindling food supply


B) Richard Nixon(?) is my Vice President and he is planning a violent coup against me.

As we gradually starve to death and succomb to all kinds of fucked up illnesses, I realize we are collectively devolving into something resembling these.

Finally a new influx of survivors appears just in time for me to overcome my now nemesis, Mr. Nixon, and I lead a vicious attack against the newcomers then ravenously feast on them.

Me? Crazy? Bah! Whatever, I'll write a movie about it.