Friday, February 6, 2009

You had to be there, pt.1

I was running all over Greenpoint looking for a place to buy fritos so I could make a ham-frito sandwich. You know what, I couldn't find them anywhere, and I tried like a million places! I was at the last bodega, and already had the ham so, oh well, life doesn't meet my expectations yet again, I settled for cheetos in place of fritos and grabbed a 6-pack of beer. I put my items on the counter and my 20 dollar bill next to them. They bagged my stuff and asked for the money. Where did the money go? It wasn't on the counter anymore. It wasn't on the floor. She lifted up the bag and looked under there. Nope. Someone must have pocketed it when I wasn't looking! Then she took the beer out of the bag and I spotted my twenty dollar bill, stuck to the bottom of the 6-pack! She said "sticky!", and pointed. "Sticky!" I was like "yeah, more like tricky!"

You had to be there.


Taylor T-Sides said...

I had a similar frito-hunting experience for Mike's Super Bowl Party. The Rite Aid in Greenpoint has them!

Tim said...

haha thanks for the tip!