Wednesday, January 21, 2009

This Post is Your Constant

Last night I dreamt of great things. This country is heading for change. CHANGE! No not because of yesterday's events. Because season 5 of Lost starts tonight, stupid.

Just for humor's sake guys (Humor Willis is Bruce Willis/Demi Moore's other daughter) let's recap the past 4 seasons, excluding major events and characters...for the sake of humor. GO!

-We're coming home on a plane crash!
-Jack tells stories about fucking up and unfucking up a surgery while being surgery'd on by Kate.
-Charlie's all H'd out
-Hurley eats.
-Sawyer calls people names.
-Shannon speaks french, Sayid gets wet.
-Jin is a dick.
-People tell Locke what he can't do...don't do that.
-Claire births, Boone dies
-Rose sasses
-Jin's pretty cool
-"We're gonna have to take the boy"
-Desmond is paranoid, Jack don't care
-Man of Science, Man of Faith! Man of Science, Man of Faith! Gooble Gobble!
-"Chaaaalie! Ya braakin ma haaaart."
-Tailies come and go, cept Bernard.
-Michael's a dick
-Others come and go.
-Rose sasses
-"Live togethz, die alonez, lulz"
-Hatch goes boom.
-Ben wobbles his head as he scares the poop out of whoever he talks to.
-Jack's tattoos mean so much. Thanks for sharing!
-Who the fuck are Nicki and Paulo?
-Rose sasses
-Losties kill crapload of others
-Not pen-nehs boat.
-Flash Forward... Whhatttttttt?
-"We have to go back KATE!"
-"Pen-neh! Your ma constant!"
-Michael's back like Ma$e.
-Others kill a bunch of boaties.
-"Let's freeze the bomb on this boat, brotha"
-Boat goes boom.
-Bentham = Locke = Jacob?

Tune in tonght!