Tuesday, January 6, 2009

life is a beautiful wonderful journey

Life always gets harder, like a game. But it's a really fun game because it's always getting harder, like Othello. And sometimes you think you can't take it anymore and you're outnumbered, then things turn around and all of a sudden you're back on top. Like when you make big chip-flipping moves at the end of Othello. Life is like a bunch of green grassy hills with a path that curves up over one hill, then another, and you can sort of see it getting smaller on little hills on the horizon. Then when the roadrunner runs along this road, you see a little cloud of dust moving along, because he runs fast and kicks up a lot of road dust. But life is more like the road in Crusin' USA because you go right through the trunk of a redwood tree. Life has ups and downs, you must learn this, ups and downs, or dips and peaks like a roller coaster, or Dippin' Dots and Pecan Crullers, like a Tedeschis. Life is like when you stick your face in a plaster cast then wash your face with a yardhose. Then your face ends up in a plaster cast gallery next to other plaster casts, like Andre the Giant's hands and Jimi Hendrix' dick. Human life is like a Galic scop walking all over Europe strumming their lyre singing the Beowulf story, because sometimes you eat a bug accidentally when a peasant serves you a sandwich with a bug hidden in it. That bug represents your first kiss. Please, listen to me there are always new lessons to learn in life. That is why life is like a classroom and the classroom is like Zarthura because it's in space. That means the lessons are like Jumanji. Everytime you roll the Jumanji dice a sexy chick blows on your dice first for good luck. When you travel your amazing and unique life journey you struggle to reach higher and higher, like climbing a mountain. When you get to the top of the mountain you throw a handful of pennies, and they fall so fast they go right through the roof of a cab and one goes through a guys foot. That's why they have glass walls there now. That's your life please, beautiful in it's wonderful journeyness.