Monday, November 24, 2008

South-West Axe Murdering Posse

You guys this is one of my favorite things on the internet EVER!

S.W.A.M.P. are true juggalos, singing evil twisted rap songs and writing about "shit" like high school, visits to the dentist, Bradley Nowell, living dead girls, and all kinds of other stuff in the life of a clown-faced pimp.

Here's a little excerpt titled "The Luv Tree" (from the True Life Shit section):
It was a nice dark whinter night. Two lovers stare deeply into eachothers eyes and their lips meet and they kiss. She asks "Do you wanna have sex?" He swiftly replies " Hell Yeah!:" and so he laies her back on her bed and and rolls a luv bloon on his love dog. he gently injects her with his meat and together as one they work to fill the air with the sent of sex. but his ear is sensitive and he has herd her father walk into the front door. Her father was out working on his truck. and soon as the lovers herd that they quickly out on their cloths and got out of bed. about 5 minutes have passed and her father went back out to the truck to work on it some more. so they lay back in the bed and he again injects her with his flub-a-dub. again there are working it and again her father walks in the front door. The young lovers were like "Fuckthishit!"" we need to find some where else where we cant get cought!" So the young lovers put on there coats and shoes and shit and they walk out the door. Half way down the road he has an idea. "ist whinter theres . but there aint now snow under trees." the young lovers hiked up the mountain in knee deep snow to find a perfectly made luv nest created by muther nature. he laies her down once again on their coats and is redy to inject his stiffy into her honey pot. but his stiffy aint really stiff at all. it wasent the cold air nippin on his nut bag. It was that he really really had to piss. so he got up ran to a near by tree pissed and then ran back and hit that shit like their was no other. That was me new years eve 2001

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Billy said...

I forgot all about these guys.