Monday, September 8, 2008

Stop already! These suck!

1. Media Offline
2. Not sleeping
3. Lost Firefox sessions
4. World 7 - Pipe World
5. Video signal present but not captured
6. USPS 'Sorry we missed you' notes on my door
7. The ginormous scaffolding being erected outside my office
8. When a subway pulls up and you see that the windows are open, thus knowing it's gonna be hot as Hades when you get in
9. Shitty blog posts
10. Haters
11. Sales people
12. Too fabulous to care
13. Killer Croc's voice
14. Anyone who is the Dark Knight Joker for Halloween this year
15. Goldeen
16. P.S. I Love You
17. This guy
18. Small talk before being asked to do something
19. My froggy voice
20. Goofy stance in Tony Hawk Pro Skater