Friday, September 12, 2008

Glammer Shots

This morning I got off the subway and started walking to my office. There was construction going on around my building so I had to take a detour down this creepy alley that I never noticed before.

I tell you this loyal reader, I was scared. This was no part of Midtown, let alone Manhattan, I had ever seen before. It's like I was transported to an alternate reality of some sort. There were all these people who I'd never seen before, and I've seen just about every person in the greater New York area. I do NOT fuck around about my seeing people facts. So believe it.

I continued walking down the creepy dark alley, past all these seemingly lost folks, trying my best not to make eye contact. The end of the alley came into sight and a small sense of relief eased its way through my bones. But in an instant, that same relief, the one I just mentioned, was swept from my body in a fit of sweepingly swift accuracy. For what I saw, loyal reader, will be burned in the back of my mind for ages to come.

Out of a building named Glarry's Glammer Shots, walked a woman pushing a large stroller with a lace cover draped over the childe inside. She was also holding a large 8 x 10 manila envelope. She stopped right in front of me and asked in a sad monotone voice, "Do you know the way to 53rd?"

I cautiously replied, "Of course fair marm. I'm going there myself if you'd like to follow." I waited about a minute for her to respond. It was very awkward. Finally she did. "That would be..." She paused for four seconds. It felt like an eternity. "...lovely".

She followed me out of the alley, pushing her stroller like it was a chore. Not a word was spoken the length of the journey. Eventually we made our way out of the alley and up to 53rd street. I told her, "Here we are. I have to get to work." Her head was down and she was quiet. Then her face slowly rose to meet mine. She whispered, "I cannot pay you for your kindness. But please, take this." With that she handed me the manila envelope. I told her it was no trouble at all, but she started on her way.

I made it up to my office, put down my bag, and began the day. About five minutes later there was a chilling scream from the outside. I jumped out of my chair and bolted to the window.

Down on 53rd street, in the middle of the sidewalk, lay the headless body of the woman I met in the alley. Next to her was the stroller, knocked over and empty.

I stood there shocked, frozen in a terror that I've never felt before. Then, as if a voice was calling to me, I turned back to my desk where the manila envelope lay. I approached with caution and fear and some comforting hybrid of the two.

And I opened the envelope and saw this.


CleftClips said...

I do not think I believe you.