Friday, August 22, 2008

Why No Bloggies Bob?

Why no blogs?

Fuck you. I'm busy.

Busy doing what?

Writing a script. It's called The Warehouse and is a pretentious piece of garbage in it's current form. Big whoop wanna fight about it?

While you are anxiously waiting for me to do something funny...

Here is something something that could potentially develop into something cool. You can watch it while I do big important productive things. I'm not endorsing it or saying it is cool, just that it might be cool at some distant juncture point in the future time sphere of time space. It's also churned out by the same studio (more or less) that makes BSG...and I don't mind looking at Rosario Dawson once in a while. Also I'm a sap for this sci-fi shit. Yeah, I'm pretty much that asshole that waves at motion sensor doors pretending to be darth maul and speaks to general appliances as if they obey voice commands. Wanna fight about it?