Monday, August 18, 2008

This Sallow Thing

So tonight I go up to my room for bedtime like I do just about every night. Anyway, I open my door and go to turn on the lights but they don't work.

In any case, I fumble around the room for a flashlight when I realize I can just use my phone as a light, I mean, I'm just going a few feet to my bed. So Anyways, I open my phone to the texting screen because it's the lightest screen on my phone so it gives off the most light, even though I'm just going a few feet to my bed.

Anywho, I walk over to my bed and there is this cycloped sallow thing just sitting there on my pillow. In any case, this sallow thing and I stare at each other for a couple of seconds and so I switch out of the texting screen and over to the camera screen and take a picture of this sallow thing.

So anyways, now I got this cycloped sallow thing in my room. Beat.


Billy said...

Where did it get that single eyeglass made?