Wednesday, August 6, 2008

So Many Reasons

There are so many reasons for why I do things the way I do. Its actually a pretty overwhelming thing to try and organize, particularly in a fashion that can be understood by someone else. I'm only going to attempt it because (so help me) I feel that this thing I've got inside me is so great, it needs to be expressed. Please watch - this will be healthy for both of us!

I did what I did because:

  1. was the last one in the box, and that's always the best one.
  2. used to be a lot less willing to try that sort of stuff.
  3. ...the deacon was watching us.
  4. ...pandas have claws for ripping things like that apart.
  5. were asleep when I started.
  6. seemed like a reasonable number at the time.
  7.'s hotter than July, for starters.
  8. said you were done with it.
  9. ...nothing else rhymes with your name.
  10. ...she implied you were serious about self-sacrifice.
  11. was the only place that was open.
  12. ...he has to learn.
  13. ...the mini-feed said she was no longer in a relationship.
  14. asked me to be honest.
  15. ...Rich and Noah were doing it too.
  16. was good enough for our forefathers.
  17. ...things go in and out of style, but tattoos are always gonna be awesome.
  18. ...the handle broke and I literally had no other options.
  19. ...I've been on the other end of that equation too often.
  20.'s a complicated activity and you just weren't getting it.
  21. ...there isn't any horse in horseradish and you know it.
  22. ...people are retarded. That's why.
  23. ...anybody that can't quote cartoons is shady.
  24. ...I took the first taste, and that should count for something.
  25. ...nobody in their right mind would think that's normal.