Monday, August 18, 2008

Michael Phelps Jokes are everywhere nowadays

So here's another one:

Hey Michael Phelps. Aquaman called...

He couldn't get through. He tried twice and both calls went right to voicemail. Don't you have an international calling plan? I know that you're in Beijing and all, but it's something maybe you should look into...

Oh shit. Aquaman just g-chatted me and said that he did get through, but it only rang once and then went to voicemail. So I guess you saw the call and just didn't wanna pick up. That's cool. He's kind of annoying anyways. It's like get off that high (sea)horse already Aquaman. Right?

This is actually pretty funny though. This one time at the beach I told Aquaman that the bottom of the ocean smells like strawberries, and he went underwater and sniffed and inhaled all this water. It was a good goof. I guess it would have been funnier if he couldn't breathe underwater. But he can. So the goof was on me.

It was a really good goof on me.


AgentMOO said...

Michael Phelps should go back to Atlantis where he belongs!