Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Purpy Zen

One of the many things I admire about dogs is their ability to live entirely in the present. Look at this fine fellow:

What's he thinking about? Some might label his expression a bit dead behind the eyes, but not I. I posit that in this moment of contentment, he is more self-aware than some humans I know ever will be. As far as he's concerned, there was nothing before that stick, and there may very well be nothing after it. Not that it matters to him in the slightest: The stick is in his mouth, right now, and it is good. And that's enough, say thankya.

In our society, people aren't afforded that luxury. We're always wondering what lies around the next corner, how we'll deal with this or that half a year down the line. I think sometimes it would be nice to stop worrying where my next meal is coming from and just taste the stick in my mouth.

That's what she said.


Lauren said...

Da purpyyyyyyyy!!!!

Anthony said...

well said sir.