Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Pepper Potts

Your name sucks.

Tony Stark: You look like you're made out of an Autechre music video. Thats cool. Why did you cut a hole in your t-shirt so your glowy thing sticks through?

Afghanistan: This superhero fantasy makes you look like a pretty scary place.

Jeff Bridges: You are so hate-able in this movie with your bald head and your beard that makes your chin look huge. Your top button was undone and you had a lame necklace with a dragons tear on it. You sound all nasaly and when you say words with an "S" sound, sometimes it comes out like a "Shh" sound. Your arms and legs must have bent in strange places inside that giant suit. 

Terrance Howard: whatevee


CleftClips said...

I was wondering when someone was going to notice the hole in the shirt thing. And lots of P's in your name is way cool. Word.

Billy said...

Why so serious?

The movie kicked ass and Gwyneth looked great.