Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Oh My Stars: A New Tarsem Jam This Friday!

Likely to be lost this weekend amid the effects heavy adrenaline rush of Speed Racer and the Robert Downy makes me question my sexuality-ness of Iron Man, my boy Tarsem Singh is dropping a new feature. It's called The Fall and it marks his first directorial effort since The Cell, that Silence of the Lambs knock off starring J-Lo back when she was hot.

The flick was just so-so, but it looked really incredible.

This new one is a probable bomb, but it sounds awesome. From the press release:

Los Angeles, circa 1920s: A little immigrant girl finds herself in a hospital recovering from a fall. She strikes up a friendship with a bedridden man, who captivates her with a whimsical story that removes her far from the hospital doldrums into the exotic landscapes of her imagination. Making sure he keeps the girl interested in the story, he interweaves her family and people she likes from the hospital into his tale.
The Princess Bride plus The Wizard of Oz times Pan's Labyrinth?

Or Shit times Junk divided by Suck? We'll soon find out.


CleftClips said...

Saw THE FALL a few weeks ago at The Hammer Museum in Los Angeles. It's stellar and very memorable. Any true flick head will dig it. No reason to be scared.

Tim said...

oh snap, quoting das press release!