Friday, May 23, 2008

Bill Kuehnle is Being Unreasonably Hard on Me

First off, read Bill's entry. I'm not as good with words as one William Harold Kuehnle (Keenly) so I will write my response as I would a high school paper, using lots of filler words to make it seem longer and some nice transitional ones too. Enjoy.

Initially when I heard Pork and Beans, I enjoyed it. Naturally I had low expectations for this album and I can't say I was disappointed. As Lloyd Dobbler says, "If you don't get your hopes up, you won't be disappointed." Of the leaked tracks I've heard, a few have stood out in my mind and I find myself bobbing, thumping, jumping, even singing Rivers's stale lyrics. However, I stand by my comments about the Timbaland line. Concordently, at this point in my life I've grown to understand that Weezer will never make another album like Pinkerton. How could they? Bill's right about how Rivers is a different person now than he was when he wrote that album. More so however concordently, Pinkerton came out at a when in my life that was solely shaped by that album. It was an album I listened to all through out high school and I was a different person then and it meant different things to me. Blue album was one of those too. I was very happy with Green and extremely very really happy with Maladroit(don't pronounce it Maladroit in front of Bill because he will surely correct you with the French pronunciation :) <3<3).

In conclusion, I'm not bitching (if one was to call that bitching) about this music video because I'm looking for another Pinkerton. I'm not, and a music video should have nothing to do with a song. I just thought it was a lame video. Inherently, the tiny lightsabers are pretty awesome. Also inherently the real face looking dramatic chipmunk was kinda funny.

In conclusion, the end.


Billy said...

My middle name isn't Harold, for the record. That name sucks.