Thursday, May 29, 2008

Art Whorld

Lucien Freud's Benefits Supervisor Sleeping (1995) sold for the highest price ever for a work by a living artist: $33.6 million. Freud is one of my all-time favorite artists.
Olav Velthuis: What I find particularly annoying is that works of art that are perfectly reproducible, such as videos or photographs, are usually made in editions of 5 or 10. By doing this, the gallerists want to keep the prices up and maintain a sense of exclusivity. This may not only be against the interest of the gallery and the artists (I call gallerists price maximizers rather than profit maximizers), it also goes against the ideology of the art world — at least of its more critical parts, which hold that art is or should be democratic. But by making works in limited editions, its elitist character is maintained.

via NYT Freakonomics blog


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i like francis bacon and lucien but 3mil is over my budget this month unfortunately.