Friday, May 23, 2008

Anthony Miale is Being Unreasonably Hard on Weezer

Granted, you might say they deserve it. Make Believe was a really, really atrocious album if you ask me, and the single Beverly Hills was garbage. We Are All on Drugs was a shoddy interpolation of the The Diarrhea Song (When you hit a home run and you don't wanna run and your..On Drugggs!). There were maybe, maybe two lookers out of the whole bunch. Anthony, myself, and most Weezer fans our age agreed the album was plain old horseshit.

But the past is the past. I'm trying to move on and judge a new Weezer album on it's own merits, however scarce they may be when all is said and done. First single Pork and Beans is a throwback to Blue Album crunchy guitar chords and falsetto counterpoint. I like it. Miale says he can't get past the fact that he name checks Timbaland. I say no big whoop.

Now there's an official video for Pork and Beans on YouTube, and I'll quote his reaction directly from google reader: “LAME. the only good thing about this video is pat drumming with tiny lightsabers.”

Having just watched the video myself, I think that's a bit harsh. I'm not going to say it's Palme D'or material, but it's a fairly clever, well executed nod to YouTube celebrities. If South Park hadn't already done something similar, it might even be considered unique.

Weezer is never going to make another Pinkerton. You shouldn't ask an artist to feel the same in his late 30's as he did his early 20's. So I'm trying to accept this Rivarz for what he is: An above average musician and a terrible lyricist, who can still catch lightening in a bottle three or four times an album. Here's hoping the Red Album is marginally better than the Green Album. That's about all we can realistically expect.


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