Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hey, Serious Lunch! Why No Blogs?

Hey, shut up a second! I'm getting to that.

First, a fond farewell to Nick Gurewitch's Perry Bible Fellowship. I read recently he's gone into "semi-retirement" as of February to focus on new projects. Apparently there will be new strips, but not with a recurring schedule or any regularity. Go read the archive, it's an incredible body of work.

So, why no blogs? Well the short answer is we've been really busy. Not dicking around beating the Lost Levels either, mind you, but working on scads of new material. We're hammering out the specifics on a number of ideas we've had for a long time and even plotting our first foray into a different medium (hint: It's not Baroque Pop). It would require a very loooong explanation if I went into specifics, plus you're not allowed to know our secrets. Not now, not ever. Do you read me, sir? Those secrets are ours.

Anygay, lots of fun stuff happening on our end. Hopefully some small percentage of it will make it's way on to your viewscreens, and you'll forget all about us neglecting the blog for nearly an entire week.


Starting Over said...

i use to read the perry bible fellowship during my bio 121 lectures. all three years i took it.