Thursday, March 6, 2008

Six Months Ago, John Took One Massive Dump

Hello, loyal readers (both of you)! If you're a fan of our videos, you know that there are five members of our funnyman group. However, were your only experience with Serious Lunch to be via this blog, you'd have almost no idea that John existed. Why is that?

When we started this blog last August, we figured it would be a great forum for the group's ideas and interests to mingle out in cyberspace, for anyone to observe. By and large that's been the case, and we're all rather happy with how it's turned out. The frequency of each member's postings, however, has been a bit disproportionate, with no better example than our dear, sweet John.

Six months ago today yesterday, John posted his first and only entry to the Serious Lunch blog. It still holds the distinction of having more labels than any other entry (ten!), and for a time was the longest single post any of us had composed (my short story dethroned it last month).

I encourage you to go back and read John's entry, it's a keeper. And who knows? If people show an interest, he might rethink his stance on contributing to our blog. Because what's the point in doing something unless people are watching, right Weasel?


karina said...

yeah poop jokes!