Monday, March 24, 2008

Hyperbolic Bourbon

I went to Baltimore this past weekend to spend Easter with my girlfriend's family. After dinner Sunday night, we went to a bar in Fells Point and I had a few rounds of Knob Creek. I really like the stuff and (acute cirrhosis of the liver aside) could most likely enjoy some every night.

But - dare I say it - sometimes it's not enough simply to enjoy. Nay, sometimes one feels the need to impart his well considered preferential wisdom upon another. You seek to describe the merits of your beloved (Toni Morrison pronunciation, please) with a rapturous adjective frenzy. Back at work this morning, I turned to "the net" for help in this regard (not having a way with words myself).

Luckily, I found a review by Michael Barnes of He's graciously done all the heavy lifting, language wise. All you have to do is sit back and revel in the hyperbole.

From the article:

Aged nine years, Knob Creek, a small-batch creation from the Jim Beam collection, attracts the nose with a sweetish allure that suggests vanilla, cherry, caramel and cola.

But, oh, does it slap the tongue with an astringent, 100-proof bite! Then it hits the back of the throat like a whiplash.

(Try tiny sips; dilute it with water or add a single ice cube.)

Enduring this assault on the senses is worth the trial, because, after the palate adjusts, the extra-long finish swims with botanical tastes. It could almost masquerade as a gin, so strong are its herbal qualities. The raw power eventually fades into subtle spices and -- surprise! -- that same sweetness suggested in the initial sniffs.



Starting Over said...

revel in the hyperbole.

either a bumpersticker, chorus to a hit song by spice girls, or title of a book.

copyright it now before i do.

it's so sexxxy.