Friday, January 11, 2008

Sylvester Stallone Is Going To Tell You How He Wants This Next Shot To Look

Ey YO yeah so the guy, the camera guy he's over there right...and he uh, he's uh...

He's like EY LOOK AT ME...but don't look! Right? Don't look in the camera.

::You nod::

DONT LOOK AT HIM! Just keep pointing the rifle over at the guy over there. You see that guy? That guy there who looks like me. He's my "double"

::makes finger quotes as he says this::

He's gonna be standing in for me cause I'm over here directing. The guy with the camera is waiting to hear me and he's gonna push the button after I scream "GO!", right?

::You nod::

Alright so after I scream you lift up the rifle and you stand there and with the murbbon libbingrem ...::unintelligible::...

So! Cinematogramy aside...

::clears throat::

I want this shot to be like, if you're sitting watchin this...I want it to be a shot where you're like, the viewer, when you're watching it. Uh...

:: he looks at nothing for 4 seconds::

When you see it you see you and you've got the rifle, Right? Like you're gonna shoot Rambo. They gotta know you wanna shoot Rambo. You wanna shoot Rambo right? That's gonna be your "inspiration" ::finger quotes again::

::You nod::

Don't look in the camera.

Alright EY YO Alright Yeah So this shot you're lookin at all this shit up in the trees and you're there and you're like lost, kinda thinking to yourself, right?

::You nod::

And you're this pretty lady right but your all fucked up and you're here in 'Nam with Rambo, right? And you're all like "eeeeh whaaats all this uh...

::uncomfortably long::

...whats uh all this going on here? What's this shit up in the trees?"

And they can't know what you see yet, you know? The people watchin it they ain't gonna know! They can't know cause I didn't show them yet. But I'm gonna show you and then uh through you uh...they uh, discover it. Through you. Cause you can see it. I'll bring them in through your eyeballs.

So you just keep lookin up at all this shit, and you're walkin along kinda fucked up. But you're walkin looking up at all that shit.

But there won't be anything there so you gotta act it, alright?

::You nod::

Don't look in the camera.

Look at that shit. ::he points::

Up there.