Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Mental Functionality Examination

1: Please have a seat.

2: Is this seat ok?

1: Yes, of course. Please, sit.

2: Thank you. This is a nice chair.

[1 shuffles through some of his papers]

1: Alright this won’t take long. I’m going to show you some images and I would like you to tell me what you see.

2: Sure, that sounds pretty easy.

1: Yes, it is easy. I would like you to describe anything that comes to mind when you see the image. Anything at all will be helpful.

2: I can do that.

1: Yes. Let’s begin.

[1 presents the first image mounted on a thick cardstock]

2: That is a bunch of products arranged for display on a grey cloth. Some of the products are food, some are books. There is a puzzle. One of the products is actually a drink.

1: That’s good. Anything else?

2: These products all bear English text.

1: Excellent. Now on to the next image.

[1 presents the second image, also on thick carkstock]

2: That is a valley between two mountains. Or are they hills?

1: I cannot answer that question. I need you to tell me what you see, not ask what you see.

2: Oh, ok. That is a valley between two mountains. There's a road with some cars on it. I think there is a building next to the road but the image isn’t large enough to tell for sure. There are also some trees all around.

1: Wonderful. Are you ready to move on to the next image?

2: Yes, that would be fine.

[1 presents a thick cardstock featuring the third image]

2: That’s a picture of Arizona, right?

1: You tell me.

2: Oh, ok. That's a picture of Arizona. It’s all purple. The text across it says “Arizona speedway kart state championship series.” There are some dots on it.

1: Please, continue.

2: It looks like the topography of the state has been rendered in this picture.

1: Thank you so much, you’ve made this very enjoyable for me.

2: Thank you as well.