Thursday, October 25, 2007

Why I Try To Give People A Fair Shake

I always try to give people a fair shake, you know? Part of it is that sense of the Grand Moral Obligation, you know? That since I'm trying to give you a fair shake, I gotta assume you're over there thinking the same. I have to embrace it, you know, and just say to myself that you're over there and you're saying to yourself "Hey numbnuts, let's give this other numbnuts over here a fair shake for once in his miserable fucking life, you know?" That there, that's the kind of thinking that let the cavemen stop beating the shit out of each other and start farming crops. They finally stopped pissing all over each other and cooperated 'cause some fucking caveman was smart enough to give the hairy savage approaching him a fair shake. And that's going out on a limb right there, if you're that caveman. That other caveman probably would have fucked him up under most circumstances. Fucked him up right good.

But it worked and they made crops and cats and dogs came and they gave them food so that they would shut the fuck up and stop eating the shit they didn't want them to eat. And the cats and dogs think to themself "look at this motherfucker giving a lowly mammal like me, somebody thats hustlin' for every meal that passes between these lips, this fucking guy is giving me, dog or cat, a fair shake". And that makes an impression. That's why we have dogs and cats now.

So a lot of that shit is bangin' around in my head when I'm encountering somebody. And that makes up alot of why I try to give people a fair shake, and why I'm gonna continue to act as such and what not.

And my old man also told me I oughta give people a fair shake. And the old man, he...I don't know. I'll just say that I listen to what he has to say. And then give you a 'wink' in a fashion that'll convey to you that there's more to what I said then might meet the eye.

ear. sorry.

I'm sorry.