Monday, October 15, 2007

To Cause Nausea

1. Skip breakfast because you're in a rush to get to work and finish up some personal business before your day starts.

2. Receive enough assignments that you will be unable to stop for food until 2:00. You are very hungry.

3.Go to the deli and order a sandwich: a banana is a healthy accessory to your meal.

4. Begin to eat the banana as you leave the deli. Notice all the brown marks where the banana has become too ripe, however it is still edible.

5. Look at the man sitting on the ground in the warm fall sunlight on the corner of 33rd and Broadway. Watch as he uses a pumice stone to grind the stump just below his knee where the rest of his leg once was. Watch him pause and spit a thick opaque wad of saliva on his stump. The string of saliva will not detach from his mouth. He grabs it. Think about the banana in your mouth as he then rubs the saliva all over his stump and continues to grind it with the pumice stone. Do not look away because for the few seconds it takes to see this you are not sure what you're looking at. Smell his body as you walk by; it will not be difficult to locate this scent. Feel the banana in your mouth and think about the brown spots.


Billy said...

You should have titled this "On To Cause Nausea". It would've been classier