Wednesday, October 10, 2007

In Rainbows

I'm listening to a new Radiohead album this morning. I only get to say that once every few years.

I paid more than a cent and less than what buying it in a store would've run me. A couple hundred thousand more like me and you can consider the experiment a success, I'd reckon.

I've listened to it once through. It's a very loose sounding record, like they sat in the same room and recorded the songs live. Very jazzy at times, plenty of synthesized beats and bleeps and bloops, but lots of live instrumentation too. Some of the songs sound like they'd be at home on Amnesiac or Hail to the Thief, but the majority of it doesn't evoke any of their previous releases. It's not really a new direction in their sound, but its distinct. It sounds like Radiohead, which is enough. I can't wait to hear the 8 bonus songs coming in December on the big fancy release (which I have yet to order).

Highlights - 15 Step, Nude, Faust Arp, Jigsaw Falling Into Place.

I'm going to listen to it again, now. Thank you.


AJ said...

Videotape is fast becoming my favorite on the album.

Faust Arp is good, and Arpeggi i've loved since the first BBC recording.

Tim said...

It's so fucking good.

Hard to pick a favorite- "All I need" is amazing.

oh man... "Jigsaw", man...