Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Fuzzy Freaky

Lately, amongst my friends capable of growing thick hair on their faces, many are actively doing so (that includes you, Agnes. Get a fucking wax, I'm sorry).

So I've decided to grow a beard. I'll probably be sick of it before long, but for now it's nice. I'm getting in touch with something primal. I looka lika man.

Also - Young John got an Ab-Roller. That thing is deadly effective. I did ten "roll-a-roos" (the official term) last night and I felt like the guy in Alien right before the creature comes ripping out of his guttywurks.

Anyway, I might take a picture of my beard in a day or two and let the fanbase (both of you) vote on whether I keep it or not.

How's that strike ya? Pretty gay? Alright.

I use parenthesis a lot in my writing (I noticed).

For your ears: