Thursday, September 20, 2007

Life Imitating Art

Every morning when leaving the house, there comes a point where a decision has to be made as to what I'll listen to on the way to work. I usually figure it out by the time I get down the block, but yesterday I was dumbfounded. It took me from the time I walked out the door till I got down to the G platform to decide on the ol' shuffle. Shuffle is a chance. It's like a game of Russian Roulette but instead of bullets, you get shitty songs which you have no idea why they are on your pod in the first place.

Anyway, shuffle was going kinda shitty. Bullet after bullet. The G came, I got on. As the train pulled up to Court Square, on comes that Feist song My Moon My Man. Ok thats cool. I like this song. I go up the stairs to start walking towards the E and I get on the Jetsons-like conveyor belt. Something felt familiar about the whole situation.

Then it dawned on me. The video for this song is just that. Take a gander. This made me smile through out the rest of the morning.

I understand if this get nominated for lamest blog ever.


Billy said...

Lamest blog ever.

Bob said...

Ever walk backwards on that conveyor belt? I tried that one time when I thought no one was looking. The instant my left foot made contact with the belt it pulled my leg backwards (which shouldn't have surprised me but did) and hurt my foot so bad it felt like it was sprained. Some woman asked me if I was alright, to which I replied:
"Um yeah, I was uh, just...testing?"

And then I slinked away back to the black wallow of dense, utter misery I was spawned from...