Wednesday, September 5, 2007

INTERVIEW: Tony Millionaire and Eric Kaplan

Everybody in Serious Lunch (not sure about YJ, but probably) is a big fan of Tony Millionaire and his Maakies comic strip, which has been syndicated weekly for more than thirteen years. This past spring the folks at [adult swim] aired a pilot based on the strip entitled The Drinky Crow Show and, lo and behold, it was picked up and put into production as a series.

This is outstanding news.

While there are no details about how many episodes have been ordered, it seems like a spring/summer '08 debut is most likely, with Superjail, a pilot that aired directly before Drinky Crow, set to air around Memorial Day.

Here is a recent interview from with Tony and producer Eric Kaplan, who is the other main creative force behind the upcoming show.