Wednesday, September 19, 2007

BLU makes a bomb-ass animation

As far as I know William Kentridge is the first guy to animate by taking a picture of a drawing, smudging it out and drawing the next frame, etc. rather than different cells in succession. Someone else might have done it before him but he's pretty famous for it.

This guy is using Kentridge's technique in a real enviroment rather than on paper. The light is inconsistent and the camera movement is choppy and raw like the animation. It looks like it was shot in one of the abandoned army bunkers in Wompy which adds to the rawness of it. To be explicit: this animation is raw.

The guy that made this is a Spaniard graffito artist named "BLU". I've seen his stuff before and he makes neckface look like a no-talent buster. Really though, neckface sucks.