Friday, September 14, 2007

48 Hour Films

Over the past few months, SERIOUS LUNCH participated in two 48 Hour Film Competitions. The first one was regional, in our region of NY, a fine region. All the teams had to include in their films, a conference badge, a character named Tetley Fairfax, and the line "If you must know my father told me." The genre assigned to us was comedy. We made the film House of Fairfax, won 2nd Place out of over 40 teams, and the awards for Best Writing, Best Graphics, and Best Character. I'm sure you heard about it around the water cooler.

Then the weekend of Sept. 9, we participated in the "Life Takes Visa" Invitational 48 Hour Film Competition... and believe me when I tell you this. Life takes it. It takes it so deep to the point where you get that froggy feeling in the back of your gullet. This was a national competition with 10 teams from NY, 10 from LA, and 10 from San Francisco. And for this one there was no genre or character assigned, but the film had to contain a Visa card, the line "Life takes ________", be rated G (which was a bit of a challenge considering Fairfax), and be between 1-3 minutes. So we slung it out and made the film Britty First Dates.

And that's that mattress man. We fly out to San Fran at the end of the month to find out how we did in this competition. Hopefully Falcor the luck dragon will be flying with us if ya know what I mean. You don't? Then you're either too young or just had a shitty childhood.


House of Fairfax

Britty First Dates


AJ said...

Nice job guys
Must have been hard writing a G rated script.
pulled it off and it's very funny.

Any movie that has anthony pulling at his already giant eyes to draw attention to them is A++ in my book.